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Getting used to treatment

How long will it take me to get used to using my therapy equipment?

You might get used to your therapy very easily – some people do. But don’t worry if it takes you a little longer. That’s normal.

Learning to use and live with your therapy equipment is about forming good habits, staying positive and practicing. It’s also about getting comfortable! We’ll show you a few techniques on how you can make the most of your therapy.


Breathing against the flow of air

At first, you might be very aware of the feeling of air in your throat. But this is something that you can get used to: try to relax your breathing and breathe like you do normally when you’re awake.

Practice breathing with your device in the daytime while you’re relaxing or watching television, for instance. You don’t need to worry about your exhalations when you’re sleeping; you will automatically breathe out against the flow of air.

If you continue to find it difficult, talk to your care provider or equipment supplier, who might suggest using:

  • a ResMed device with the Ramp feature: this is where the device pressure can be set to start at a lower pressure and ‘ramp up’ to your full therapy pressure over a maximum of 45 minutes, easing you into therapy.
  • a ResMed device with the SmartStart™ feature: this allows you to start therapy by breathing in, instead of pressing the ‘Start’ button. This lets you ease in to therapy so that you can get used to breathing with your mask on.
  • a ResMed device with the EPR™ (expiratory pressure relief) feature: this slightly lowers the pressure as you’re breathing out, so breathing feels smoother and more natural.
  • a ResMed AutoSet™ device: this device automatically adjusts the pressure delivered to you throughout the night, so pressure increases only as you need it.


How much noise should my system make?

Treatment should not be louder than a whisper – after all, you’re supposed to be sleeping!

If your equipment is making loud noises, some of the parts might not be connected properly, causing air to escape (or ‘leak’ out).

You can usually work out where the noise/leak is coming from: the device, humidifier, tube or mask.

Check that everything is connected properly then see if you notice a change in noise.

Check your mask User Guide for fitting instructions.

Brush up on mask fitting guidelines here.


When to get help

If you have a good mask seal and have been using your therapy equipment consistently, you should be feeling the benefits.

If you’re not, please contact your care provider for a check-up if:

  • your symptoms persist
  • you feel even worse than when you started
  • you still find it hard to breathe out against the flow of air
  • you feel like treatment is just not working.