Neuromuscular disease (NMD)

Neuromuscular disease (NMD) is the name given to a range of diseases and conditions that affect the nerves controlling your muscles or weakening of the muscles themselves. If the nerves can’t communicate with your muscles, then your muscles can’t function properly.

What is NMD?

Neuromuscular disease (NMD) is the name given to a range of diseases and conditions that affect your muscles.

Treatment options for neuromuscular disease

ResMed has developed therapy devices and ventilators designed to help you feel better during the day and sleep better at night, so you can get the most out of life.

The benefits of treatment

Studies have shown that noninvasive ventilation (NIV) can improve the symptoms associated with respiratory failure for NMD patients.

Why is treatment important?

Because NMD affects your muscles, you may not have the muscle strength to breathe on your own. It's important that you start treatment with a ventilator that your physician has indicated is suitable for you.

Traveling with your equipment

Thanks to their universal power supply, most ResMed devices can be used all over the world and even on an aeroplane.

Getting your therapy equipment

Finding the right equipment supplier can make all the difference to your therapy.

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