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The benefits of CPAP monitoring with myAir: a patient’s view

These testimonials/patient stories are genuine and documented accounts of the individual’s response to treatment. Outcomes and results may vary, and this individual’s response does not provide any indication, warranty or guarantee that other people will have the same or a similar experience.

myAir is designed to build confidence with easily available information

Rose feels myAir makes a real difference. Now that she can access daily sleep data and advice, she’s feeling more confident and finding obstructive sleep apnoea treatment easier.

Other patients share their stories


A daily dose of motivation

Anthony feels the benefits of CPAP therapy in his daily life. He also finds it motivating to see evidence that his treatment is working, so he checks his myAir score every morning.


The energy to enjoy life

Paul used to feel tired all the time. Since starting therapy for obstructive and central sleep apnoea, he’s re-discovered the energy to enjoy life and relationships.


Always sleeping, always tired

Andy slept all the time but still felt tired. Since being diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnoea, he’s been enjoying an energy boost thanks to effective CPAP therapy and user-friendly myAir monitoring.

The positive impact of CPAP therapy on quality of life, daytime energy, interpersonal relationships and more1, 2.

Please refer to myAir support for relevant information related to any warnings and precautions to be considered before and during use of the product.

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