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Geoff’s story

I have so much more energy when I’m teaching late classes or I’m working out. CPAP has changed my life.— Geoff


Life prior to therapy:


Geoff had been snoring for a while, but because his dad snored too, he didn’t think much about it. When his wife Cassie noticed her husband frequently stopped breathing during sleep, she got concerned. The situation became more urgent when he began to choke in his sleep. The doctor sent Geoff for a sleep study, and the test showed Geoff stopped breathing 125 times per hour! In addition, he had a condition called restless leg syndrome, which caused him to move his legs throughout the night.


Situation today:


Because of his innate determination, Geoff forced himself to look past the inconveniences of sleeping with the mask and continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine, and within a week or two, he was sleeping much better. For Geoff, using CPAP is also a lot easier now because he sees the results of staying committed. “I feel so much more rested when I wake up now,” Geoff says. “I’ve always been a high-energy guy anyway and now I feel like my old self again.”

Hometown: Eugene, OR

Symptoms: Snoring, choking, restless leg syndrome

Years on therapy: 2

Mask type: Nasal pillows

Hobbies: Golf, cross-training, puzzles