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Treatment options

The appropriate treatment option for your child depends on his or her underlying condition and its severity. In all cases, your physician will evaluate and determine the most appropriate treatment for your child.

Noninvasive treatment options

Noninvasive ventilation doesn’t require surgery. Instead, pressurised air is delivered from a small machine that sits on the bedside table, to a mask that your child wears over their mouth and/or nose. Your child only needs to wear the mask while treatment is being delivered, so he or she can take it off to eat, play and talk during the day. Because this treatment option is noninvasive, there’s also less risk of infection (compared to some alternative treatments, such as tracheostomy). If you have any issues with using the equipment, please speak to your physician.

ResMed has several options designed and indicated to treat children, with specific modes of support intended to support paediatric breathing: