Ultra-compact full-face mask

AirFit™ F30

  • Under-the-nose design means no red marks on nasal bridge
  • Quiet diffused venting allows you to sleep close to your bed partner
  • Easy-to-use magnetic clips for quick fitting
  • Clear field of vision makes it easy to read

Visual freedom

The under-the-nose design means the AirFit F30 is noticeably smaller, more discreet and more attractive than a traditional full-face mask.

With nothing on your nasal bridge, you can easily rediscover simple pleasures like wearing glasses and reading in comfort.

Peace and quiet

AirFit F30 with the QuietAir™ elbow is quieter than the leading ultra-compact full face mask competitor1. The QuietAir™ elbow gently and quietly diffuses exhaled air from your mask to create a quieter, more restful atmosphere with almost no noticeable drafts².

Nothing over your nose

The F30’s ultra-compact frame sits comfortably under your nose, not over it. Less facial contact looks good, feels good and means you can say goodbye to red marks and pressure on the bridge of your nose.

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  1. Comparing the competitors’ public available user guides with AirFit F30 sound power registered during ResMed internal testing: eLB1423-4053. Data on files; ID A4457865 / A4457866 / A4402795.
  2. With the addition of the QuietAir diffuse elbow the mask sound power is recorded as 21dbA for AirFit F20 mask. Reduction in sound power level of 10 dBA compared with the standard F20 elbow. Data on file; ID A4114547.

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