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Non-invasive / invasive ventilators

Portable non-invasive ventilator series with invasive capabilities for non-dependent patients (>13kg)* who have changing needs or progressive respiratory conditions. Stellar features customisable therapy options to deliver quality ventilation that’s tailored to your needs.

  • Stellar hospital noninvasive ventilation device left view-ResMed Middle East
  • Stellar - ResMed Middle East
  • Stellar - ResMed Middle East
Stellar hospital noninvasive ventilation device left view-ResMed Middle East
Stellar hospital noninvasive ventilation device left view-ResMed Middle East
Stellar - ResMed Middle East
Stellar - ResMed Middle East

Technologies for comfort and support

Precise and sensitive technologies that can be personalised for you are built into the Stellar ventilators. They are designed to keep you comfortable and well ventilated day and night.

Pick-up-and-go mobility

Small, quiet and robustly built to withstand everyday use, Stellar gives you the discreet mobility to continue with your daily activities with ease. With a range of battery and power options, plus custom-built accessories, you can move about with confidence.

Other features

  • iVAPS (intelligent Volume-Assured Pressure Support) is a mode that automatically adapts to your changing needs.
  • Intelligent Backup Rate (iBR)** gives you the opportunity to breathe spontaneously.
  • An optional AutoEPAP*** feature helps keep your upper airway free of obstruction.
  • Efficacy and comfort features can be fine-tuned to assist with mask leak and help Stellar to stay in sync with your breathing.
  • Ramp and Ramp Down. To help ease you into a therapy session, the Ramp feature gradually and comfortably ramps the pressure up to your prescribed level; and to help ease you out of a therapy session, optional Ramp Down gradually reduces the pressure.
  • An optional heated humidifier (H4i™) further promotes comfort.
  • To keep you on the go, an internal battery provides three hours of continuous power.
  • Other mobility options include external batteries, a DC-DC converter and a custom-built mobility bag.
  • Ventilation is optimised through dual programs for day/night ventilation or rest/active periods.
  • Optional oxygen integration up to 30 L/minute and extensive alarms to provide added assurance for your safety and care.

Working together with Stellar

Simple-to-use, integrated heated humidifier designed to relieve dryness and congestion.

The Remote alarm II broadens the functionality of Stellar ventilator systems and enables the use of the device in both the hospital and home for patients who need closer monitoring.

The Stellar mobility bag provides easy access to the Stellar ventilator and protects it during travel and everyday use.

ResMed power station II is an external long-life, lithium-ion battery for ResMed devices. It provides up to 8 hours of freedom for Stellar patients.****

How to buy

Please contact our customer service department or your local representative for more information on obtaining ResMed products.


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*iVAPS therapy mode is indicated for patients weighing 30 kg and above.
**Available in iVAPS and ST modes.
***Available in iVAPS mode.
**** At average device settings (Using 15 cm H2O (IPAP), 5 cm H2O (EPAP), and 15 BPM (Respiratory Rate). Not applicable to devices when using heated humidification and heated tubing.)