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Ideas and feedback

While ResMed appreciates receiving observations and feedback from users of our products, all communications submitted to ResMed are exclusively governed by ResMed’s Ideas & Feedback Policy which states:

In order to avoid a misunderstanding or other conflict with individuals interested in sharing ideas with ResMed, it is our preference that unsolicited technical ideas be protected by patents before you submit the idea to ResMed. We believe that this is the best approach to protecting your interests and ResMed’s ongoing commitment to research, development and its intellectual property portfolio.

Accordingly, you agree that your communication and any included information and materials may be disclosed to ResMed employees, consultants, other representatives, and third parties at ResMed’s sole discretion. You agree that ResMed, at its sole discretion, shall decide whether or not to engage in further communication with you. You further agree that ResMed is under no obligation to treat your communication as proprietary or confidential and shall not be limited in its right to use the communication for any purpose. You also agree that ResMed will not incur any liability as a result of any similarities that you may perceive as existing between your communication and ResMed products, technologies, processes, materials, advertising campaigns, promotions, marketing plans or product names.