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Getting started

Your patient has been diagnosed with sleep apnoea. What now? Find answers to questions about how to get started on sleep apnoea therapy at ResMed’s patient support library.

Setting up your equipment

Knowing how to set up your therapy system correctly can make all the difference to your treatment. We can help you get started.

Using a humidifier

Find out how using a humidifier can make a positive difference to your patient’s therapy comfort and experience.

Think positive

Starting therapy might seem a little daunting at first. Use our helpful tips to manage unhelpful thoughts and behavior, and take positive action during therapy.

The benefits of therapy

By sticking with therapy, you’re well on your way to enjoying better health.

Finding the right CPAP mask

Just like people’s faces, masks come in different shapes and sizes. ResMed can help you find a mask to suit your face and lifestyle.

Your therapy basics

Get handy information on the how, what, where and why of your therapy and equipment.

Getting used to treatment

Small adjustments can make a big difference to your therapy. Here are some tips to help you get used to treatment.