Cleaning devices

Each month, we recommend disconnecting the sleep therapy machine from the power supply and wiping the outside with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Avoid wetting the electrical areas.

Your patient’s device needs to be well maintained to constantly deliver effective treatment. A blocked air filter may impact the pressure delivered to your patient’s mask at night. That’s why it’s important for your patients to regularly examine the air filter for holes or dust build-up.

For more information on cleaning device accessories, please refer to our cleaning accessories support page.

Humidifiers also need to be cleaned regularly to prevent deposit build-up. Learn more about cleaning humidifiers.

More devices

Mask components
ResMed masks are made up of components that need to be assembled to fit correctly, disassembled for cleaning, and replaced periodically to achieve sleep apnoea therapy.
Cleaning humidifiers
Find answers to frequently asked questions about cleaning humidifiers here.
Cleaning masks
Over time, facial oil build-up can accelerate the wear and tear of your patient’s mask