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Cleaning humidifiers

Regular maintenance and cleaning will keep a humidifier in good working order and help patients enjoy a fresher therapy experience. Find answers to frequently asked questions about cleaning humidifiers here.


Q. How often should my patient clean the humidifier water tub?

Each humidifier user guide contains instructions on cleaning that specific type of device and its components. In general, the water tub should be washed every day in warm water with a mild detergent, then rinsed thoroughly with clean water and left to dry away from direct sunlight. Every month, the water tub should be inspected for wear and deterioration and replaced if any component is cracked, cloudy or pitted.

Patients should not use any of the following to clean their humidifiers as these solutions may cause damage and reduce the life of the product:

  • Bleach, chlorine-, alcohol- or ammonia-based solutions
  • Moisturising, antibacterial or glycerine based soaps,
  • Water softening and unapproved descaling agents

For your convenience, here are the cleaning instructions for ResMed’s heated humidifier:

Every day 

  1. Wash the disassembled tub lid, plate and base in warm water using a mild detergent.
  2. Rinse thoroughly in clean water and allow them to dry away from direct sunlight.

Every month

  1. Peel the flip lid seal from the flip lid and wash it in warm water using a mild detergent.
  2. Wipe the exterior of the humidifier with a damp cloth and mild detergent.

Please note that the disassembled tub lid, plate and base may also be washed in a dishwasher on the delicate or glassware cycle (top shelf only). White powder deposits in the water tub can be removed using a solution of one part household vinegar to 10 parts water.


How often should my patient clean their ClimateLine or SlimLine tubing? How should it be cleaned?

Please refer to the tubing user guide for detailed instructions on cleaning.

In general, the air tubing should be removed every day by pulling on the finger grips on the cuff. Hang the tubing in a clean, dry place until its next use.

Please note:

  • Air tubing should not be hung in direct sunlight as it may harden over time and eventually crack.
  • Air tubing should not be washed in a washing machine or dishwasher.

Every week, patients should remove the air tubing from their therapy device and mask by pulling on the finger grips on the cuff, then wash the air tubing in warm water using mild detergent. They should rinse the tubing thoroughly, hang it up in a clean, dry place, and allow it to dry. They should reconnect the air tubing to the air outlet and mask next time they use the device.

If you have more questions about cleaning humidifiers and accessories, please contact your care provider.


How should I disinfect the humidifier when it’s used in multipatient environments?

ResMed has recommended and validated procedures for cleaning and disinfecting Heated Humidifiers for multipatient use in a sleep lab, clinic or hospital, Please refer to our ResMed humidifier disinfection guide for these instructions.

However, the steps for disinfection vary regionally. As a result, each healthcare facility should consult its own procedures before carrying out those in this guide.