Astral™ - ResMed Middle-East


It’s about choices

  • Variety of modes, circuits and interfaces for a broad range of conditions in adults and children (>5kg)*
  • Smart mouthpiece ventilation enables fast, easy switching from mask to MPV without changing the circuit
  • Disconnection alarm and Learn Circuit give peace of mind with a wide range of setups
  • Engineered for mobility: weighs just 3.2 kg and has long-lasting batteries**
  • Auto-scaling real-time pressure and flow waveforms deliver accurate information at a glance
  • Maintenance reminders and fast USB cloning of settings between devices streamline management and operations

Secure by design

Astral’s sophisticated technologies and advanced alarms simplify life for caregivers and patients. Systems have been thoughtfully designed so, whatever setup is chosen, users can feel confident, comfortable and protected.

A disconnection alarm can be titrated to a wide range of setups. Even small changes, like disconnection of a small diameter tracheotomy tube, will trigger the alarm. And for confident adjustment, the Learn Circuit automatically measures the circuit resistance and compliance of the breathing circuit components, then adapts and compensates accordingly.

Versatile, practical, liveable

Astral delivers a full suite of therapy modes in a broad range of scenarios. It can be used during the day and at night, for tracheotomised patients or non-invasively ventilated patients with a mask or mouthpiece. This versatility enables you to cater for a wide variety of patients, from adults to children weighing as little as 5kg.

Astral makes it easy to manage complexity. There’s no need to change the circuit when you switch from a mask to a mouthpiece. You can choose from a range of trigger options to match your patient’s inspiratory effort. It’s easy to flex between different circuit configurations and settings and to keep track of them, with four fully configurable programmes and the option to name them.

Work fast and efficiently

From initial setup to ongoing care, Astral is designed to provide the best user experience possible. Its intuitive interface gives you all the tools and information you need, so you can make fast and early decisions.

ResMed worked closely with clinical experts to make Astral easy to use and understand. The intuitive interface provides breath-by-breath statistics and auto-scaling real-time pressure and flow waveforms. Device and battery management is simplified by maintenance reminders and fast USB cloning of settings between devices.


* iVAPS therapy mode is indicated for patients weighing 30 kg and above.
** Connects to one or two external batteries, each providing up to 8 hours of operation; internal battery provides 8 hours of backup power when needed.
*** Not available with Astral 100

**** Only 2 preset programmes are available with Astral 100

***** Optional with Astral 100

† As measured according to ISO 80601-2-12:2011