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Cleaning masks

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Each time your patients use their mask, their skin leaves an oil residue around the seal. Over time, facial oil build-up can accelerate the wear and tear of your patient’s mask. Masks can also become discoloured with time.

That’s why we recommend that your patients clean their masks regularly to ensure optimum therapy.


How should my patients clean their masks?

Refer your patients to their specific mask user guide for detailed instructions on cleaning their mask. In general, the following cleaning instructions apply to most masks:

Every day, or after each use, patients should:

  • Disassemble the mask components (refer to the mask user guide for instructions). Patients using a nasal pillows mask should disassemble the pillows from the frame.
  • Thoroughly handwash the separated mask components (excluding headgear and soft sleeves) by gently rubbing in warm water (approximately 30°C/86°F) with mild soap. To optimise the mask seal, facial oils should be removed from the cushion after use.
  • Use a soft bristle brush to clean the vent, or any rotating parts on your mask such as the swivel, swivel ring or ball joint that require cleaning.
  • Inspect each component and, if required, repeat washing until visually clean.
  • Rinse all the components well with drinking-quality water and allow to air dry out of direct sunlight.
  • When all components including the vent are dry, reassemble your mask (see the mask user guide for instructions).


Every week, patients should:

  • Handwash the headgear, including the soft sleeves if these form part of the mask. Rinse well and allow to air dry out of direct sunlight.
  • Please note that the headgear can be washed without being disassembled and that the dye used in the headgear may run during the first wash.

If any component remains unclean after cleaning, or if there is visible deterioration of a system component (cracking, discolouration, tears, etc.), that component should be replaced.

We recommend that your patients use natural or pure products/solutions to clean their mask, as the residual vapours that are left behind from non-natural cleaners can be inhaled if not rinsed very thoroughly.

Your patients should avoid using:

  • Aromatic-based solutions, Eucalyptus oil, essential oils, scented oils
  • Antibacterial soaps
  • Detergents (even if they are mild or include some natural ingredients)
  • Alcohol
  • Vinegar
  • Soaps with citrus scents

If you are asked by your patient to clean their mask, you can soak it in the detergent Alconox (diluted at 1%), scrub it with a soft bristle and let it air-dry out of direct sunlight. Otherwise, refer to the cleaning and disinfection procedures below.


How should I disinfect and sterilise the masks I use on multiple patients in my hospital, sleep lab or clinical setting?

ResMed has recommended and validated procedures in accordance with ISO17664 for cleaning, disinfecting and sterilising masks for multipatient use in a sleep lab, clinic or hospital. Please refer to the following Disinfection and sterilisation guide to see which parts:

  • Must be replaced between patients
  • Can handle high level thermal disinfection at 93°C
  • Can handle high level chemical disinfection
  • Can handle sterilisation

Please note that not all components require disinfection. The headgear does not require disinfection and should not be washed in disinfection chemicals.

Other components also do not require disinfection and should not be washed in disinfection chemicals. This applies to:

  • AirFit N10 / AirFit N10 for Her – Soft sleeves
  • AirFit F10 / AirFit F10 for Her – Frame, Soft sleeves
  • Quattro Air / Quattro Air For Her / Quattro Air NV – Frame
  • Quattro FX / Quattro FX for Her – Spring frame, Soft sleeves
  • Quattro FX NV – Spring frame, Soft sleeves
  • Mirage FX / Mirage FX for Her – Frame

Thoroughly washing the headgear and the above components between patients is acceptable.

  • Handwash the headgear in warm 30°C water using mild soap.
  • Rinse well and allow it to air dry out of direct sunlight.