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Stellar™ 150

  • Designed for versatility, the Stellar 150 is a non-invasive ventilator with invasive capabilities. Offering a comprehensive range of therapy modes, Stellar treats a wide range of adult and paediatric patient types.
  • Featuring IntelligentAir – iVAPS, iBR and AutoEPAP continuously monitor and automatically adjust to deliver personalised therapy to meet your patients’ changing ventilatory needs. From those who need NIV during their hospital stay to chronic patients at home with conditions, such as COPD, NMD and OHS, Stellar is a versatile system designed with its end-users in mind.
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Packed with technologies to aid intuitive setup and streamline processes in the busy hospital environment, Stellar helps you…

Known for its versatility, Stellar covers ventilation for a wide range of patients with sensitivity to…

Stellar not only provides for patients’ respiratory needs, but also helps them achieve…

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