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Mask components

ResMed masks are made up of components that need to be assembled to fit correctly, disassembled for cleaning, and replaced periodically to achieve effective, hygienic sleep apnoea therapy. Each mask comes with its own instructions for fitting, adjusting, removing, cleaning, disassembling and reassembling, as well as for storage and disposal. Please refer to each product’s documentation for specific instructions.


What are the main components of a sleep apnoea mask?

A mask typically consists of the following main components:

  • Headgear
  • Pillows (nasal pillows masks) and cushions (on nasal and full face masks)
  • Frame, which contains the vent, tubing, and other parts
  • Elbow (on full face masks)


How often should patients disassemble the mask components for cleaning?

ResMed recommends that pillows and cushions be disassembled from the frame and thoroughly cleaned, separate from the headgear, every day or after every usage.

Headgear can be washed weekly without being disassembled.

Please review our tips for cleaning masks, and refer to each mask’s user guide for specific instructions.


How should the different components be handled when the masks are used on multiple patients in hospitals, sleep labs or clinics?

Please refer to the ResMed disinfection and sterilisation guide to see which parts:

  • Must be replaced between patients
  • Can handle high level thermal disinfection at 93°C
  • Can handle high level chemical disinfection
  • Can handle sterilisation

Please note that not all components require disinfection. The headgear does not require disinfection and should not be washed in disinfection chemicals. Thoroughly washing the headgear between patients is acceptable.

Other components do not require disinfection and should not be washed in disinfection chemicals. Thoroughly washing the component between patients is acceptable. This applies to:

  • AirFit N10 / AirFit N10 for Her – Soft sleeves
  • AirFit F10 / AirFit F10 for Her – Frame, Soft sleeves
  • Quattro Air / Quattro Air For Her / Quattro Air NV – Frame
  • Quattro FX / Quattro FX for Her – Spring frame, Soft sleeves
  • Quattro FX NV – Spring frame, Soft sleeves
  • Mirage FX / Mirage FX for Her – Frame.


Can the components be purchased separately?

On nasal masks and nasal pillows masks, the headgear, pillows and frame can be purchased separately, as a system (pillows and frame excluding headgear) or as a complete system. Please refer to each mask’s specific user guide for details.

For full face masks, the elbow can only be purchased as part of the frame system (which includes cushion, frame and elbow, as well as soft sleeves) or a complete system. For some masks, the frame system can only be purchased as part of a complete system. Cushions and headgear can always be purchased separately.


Do you have additional mask accessories for easing patient comfort and cleanliness?

ResMed also offers a range of mask accessories to ease patient comfort.  These include nasal pads, softwraps, loops, custom headgear, chin restraints, mask pillow wipes, among others.


How often should components be replaced?

It is likely that nasal pillows and cushions, as well as full face cushions, will need to be replaced more frequently than headgear.

On pillows and cushions, the silicone can become soft and not be as efficient. Headgear may become stretched and lose elasticity, leading to over tightening and discomfort.

Please review some of the most frequently observed signs for replacement on our Mask replacement page, and refer to each mask’s user guide for specific instructions.