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Using a humidifier Support

How can using a humidifier improve the comfort of therapy?

Using a humidifier can make a positive difference to your therapy comfort and experience. By warming and moistening the air you’re breathing, it helps prevent you having a dry nose and throat and can help you keep your mouth closed while you sleep.

Find out what’s different about ResMed’s humidification solution.

If you don’t have a humidifier, you may want to talk to your care provider or equipment provider to learn more about it.

What is ‘rain-out’?

You might have heard the term ‘rain-out’ in reference to humidification. Basically rain-out is condensation building up in the tube. If you have rain-out, you might hear a gurgling sound in your tubing when you breathe on treatment.

Here’s what you can do to reduce rain-out:

  • Try turning the humidity level down a little.If you’re still experiencing rain-out, use ResMed’ s Climate Control humidification solution, which is designed to provide enough humidification to help you breathe comfortably, while keeping rain-out at a minimum. Make sure you’re using a ClimateLineAir heated tube when using an AirSense or AirCurve device.
  • Rain-out can happen if your bedroom gets too cold at night, so try to keep your room warmer overnight.
  • To keep your tubing (and the air traveling inside it) warmer during the night, you can also use a tubing wrap.

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