Occupational Health and Safety

At ResMed, we’re concerned with everything related to sleep and respiratory disorders. That’s why we support and actively engage in research initiatives related to occupational health and safety.

ResMed works alongside organisations in high-risk industries, such as trucking and mining, to increase awareness of sleep-disordered breathing, reduce accidents, improve productivity and contribute to the general health of personnel.

An example of such an initiative is ResMed’s education programme conducted with members enrolled in the not-for-profit, US-based Union Pacific Railroad Employees Health Systems (UPREHS) health plan. The low-cost, patient-centred programme significantly improved healthcare outcomes of sleep apnoea patients, and significantly reduced medical expenses for the UPREHS health plan.1

For clinical literature on sleep apnoea and occupational health and safety, consult our dedicated ResMed page

More research

ResMed is committed to researching the association between sleep apnoea and cardiovascular issues. All about our research on sleep and cardiology, specifically on heart failure and CSA-CSR.
Clinical results for Narval CC™ – the ORCADES study | ResMed
The 5-year multicentre ORCADES study demonstrated both the efficacy and compliance of the Narval CC™ MRD.
Explore research about diabetes in relation to sleep and respiratory care.
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