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Innovation and technology

Powered by continuous innovation

“Innovation is at the heart of our DNA at ResMed. We sleep, eat and breathe innovation.”*

With 25 years of experience in sleep and respiratory care, ResMed is dedicated to providing your patients with products that house the latest technologies, so that their therapy experience is as easy and comfortable as possible, and ultimately results in better compliance and health outcomes.

From the unmatched comfort of our mask cushion technology, to our whisper-quiet sleep devices and the superior synchrony of our ventilators. Our aim is to keep innovating to make a positive difference to your patient’s treatment journey.

*Mick Farrell, CEO, ResMed

ResMed masks: innovation and technology

ResMed’s AirFit range of masks offer patients the benefits of innovation and technology – they are comfortable, lightweight, easy to use, easy to fit and provide a stable seal.

ResMed sleep therapy devices: innovation and technology

Learn about the innovative technologies that feature in the range of ResMed sleep therapy devices.

Humidification: innovation and technology

Patients receiving sleep apnoea therapies often experience uncomfortable congestion and dryness in their nose and throat. Fortunately, humidifier technologies are resolving these problems.

Ventilation: innovation and technology

The technology built into ResMed’s ventilators provides excellent user device breathing synchrony and comfort.

Dental: innovation and technology

Sleep apnoea and snoring can have a significant impact on your patient’s health, relationships and quality of life. The innovative Narval CC is a comfortable, discreet and effective way to treat these conditions.