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AirCurve™ 10 CS PaceWave™*

The AirCurve 10 CS PaceWave is an adaptive servo-ventilator (ASV), that is suitable for patients exhibiting central sleep apnoea (CSA), mixed sleep apnoea and periodic breathing, with or without obstructive sleep apnoea. It is intended for home and hospital use.

Featuring the most clinically-studied adaptive servo-ventilator (ASV) algorithm, AirCurve 10 CS PaceWave is the only adaptive servo-ventilator that targets the patient’s own recent minute ventilation. AirCurve 10 CS PaceWave has two modes: ASVAuto and ASV. The PaceWave algorithm is available in the AirCurve 10 CS PaceWave device.

  • aircurve 10 cs pacewave
aircurve 10 cs pacewave
aircurve 10 cs pacewave

ASVAuto mode

ASVAuto mode adapts to a patient’s ventilatory and upper airway stability needs on a breath-by-breath basis. By treating central breathing disorders with auto-adjusting pressure support and upper airway obstruction with auto-adjusting EPAP, it rapidly stabilises respiration.

aircurve 10 cs pacewave




ASV mode

In ASV mode, the EPAP can be manually titrated to set the optimal fixed EPAP to keep the upper airway open.


Other features

  • Easy-Breathe pressure waveform mimics the wave shape of your normal breathing and replicates it for your breathing comfort.
  • Continuous leak management enables reliable delivery of therapy pressure while maintaining patient-device synchrony.
  • Climate Control comprises the optional HumidAir™ humidifier and the optional ClimateLineAir™ heated air tube and is designed to deliver constant, comfortable temperature and humidity.

Air Solutions - Using your device (SlimLine)

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Air Solutions - Using your device (SlimLine)

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AirCurve 10 therapy choices

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Air Solutions - Connected Care

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Functional features

AirCurve 10 S AirCurve 10 VAuto AirCurve 10 CS PaceWave
ASV Auto  
Easy-Breathe waveform    
Trigger and cycle  
Climate Control      
Climate Control Auto      
Vsync leak management      
Built-in wireless connectivity      

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