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Quattro™ FX NV



  • The Quattro™ FX NV mask is a light, unobtrusive full face mask that’s perfect if you’re receiving non-invasive ventilation at home or in hospital. It features the same reliable technology as a traditional mask, but it fits lower on your nose to give you a clear line of vision and a feeling of openness.
  • The Quattro FX NV is designed for comfort. It has a simple, lightweight design for easy wear and care and minimal contact with your face. It features cushion technology for comfort and, because it’s small and discreet, it enables you to enjoy a clear field of vision with minimal obstructions.
  • Please note that the Quattro FX NV is intended to be used with active-exhaust-valve ventilator systems and is not suitable for CPAP or bilevel therapy.

Key Features

  • Our patented Spring Air™ dual-wall cushion is soft on your face but maintains a high-performance seal for effective, reliable ventilation.
  • The Quattro FX NV has a slim, discreet design that minimises contact with your face, to reduce the potential for irritation or discomfort.
  • Because the Quattro FX NV sits low on your nose, you enjoy a clear field of vision with minimal visual obstruction.

Support page

Are you having troubles with your mask? Do you have questions about fitting, cleaning or other mask-related topics? Find the answers to these questions and more in our patient support library.


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